Boxer Coup and his new companion after the Run or Dye event.

How to Donate

Together it is possible to offer Southeast Texas’ “orphaned” pets the safe, sound environment they need to prepare for new, loving homes. The facility improvements we’ve outlined here will allow our staff to help more pets more efficiently and in a more complete manner than ever before–leading to an increase in adoption rates and community service.

Gifts of any amount will help us save more lives and change the future for homeless pets in our community.

HSSET is committed to protecting the privacy of every donor. Under no circumstances will we publish, sell, trade, rent or share confidential details with any outside party. Donors who wish to remain anonymous may contact our office at 409-833-0504.


After hitting "submit" you will be taken to PayPal to continue your donation. You will have the choice of using a PayPal account, or entering your credit card (the option on the bottom-left.) Thank you for choosing to support the orphaned pets of Southeast Texas.


Mailed Donations

Direct Deposit

There are two available methods for those who would prefer mailing in a physical donation. The first is to print and fill out this form (PDF) and mail it to us along with a check or cash amount of your choosing.

Mailing Address:

Humane Society of Southeast Texas
PO Box 1629
Beaumont, TX 77704

Alternatively, if you would like us to send you some remittance envelopes—perfect for those who would like to keep them on hand for any future donating needs—you may fill out the contact form to the right and our staff will be happy to mail them to you.

Like recurring paypal donations, direct deposit helps us by giving us a stable, reliable source of income. Any amount you can contribute is appreciated, and of course you may cancel at any time.

If you would like to set up a direct deposit account, please print and fill out this form then mail it to us with a voided check. These donations go directly toward our every day needs--such as food, standard medications, and operating expenses--as a rule. If you would like to designate your funds for something specific however, such as the Feral Cat Program, please write that on your form. You may always call or send us a letter to change the fund later on.

Physical Donations

HSSET accepts all sorts of physical gifts from the community! Our pets are always in need of things like used towels, bed sheets, thin blankets, toys, treats, food (we use Pedigree and Purina exclusively for our residents, long-format shredded paper, whole newspaper, and any other kind of dog or cat accessory you can think of. Here is a list of items we use regularly, if you'd like some ideas.

We accept physical donations whenever we are open--please go right on in to the front desk and let us know. If you need help unloading your car, we'll be happy to do that too! If you can't make it during operating hours, or your gift is too large for you to transport (such as a dog house or dog crates) please call us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

F.A.Q. Donations

What are the types of donation can I choose?

All donations are “Gifts of Love” by default but if you would like to dedicate your donation to someone who has passed or a special person in your life, please designate your gift as either an “In Memory of” or “In Honor of,” respectively. If you provide contact details for the family of the deceased or your honoree in the Instructions box, HSSET will be happy to notify them of your generous gift.

How do recurring donations help the shelter?

Monthly donations allow our staff to breathe a little easier, knowing that we have sustainable income to put toward medical expenses, food, toys and beds, and daily care. While each and every donation recieved is a little miracle to us, our monthly supporters hold a special place.

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