Adoption Guidelines

  1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. All members of the household may need to be present before an adoption is approved. A pet is a family member and all members of the family need to be in agreement about when to adopt a pet, and which pet to adopt, as well as suitability based on family member’s ages, allergies, energy level and schedules.
  3. Anyone renting or leasing must have written permission from their landlord before an adoption can be approved. Any restrictions regarding type or size of animal must be noted.
  4. Have identification showing your current address.
  5. Pets that are left outside do not bond as readily with their owners and are prone to nuisance behaviors like barking, escaping, roaming, digging, predatory behavior and other destruction. If applicants have or had an “outdoor pet,” or intend to keep the pet they wish to adopt outdoors, the adoption may be denied.
  6. Be adopting for yourself, not as a gift or on someone else’s behalf.
  7. Because of potential injury and behavior/training concerns, we are very cautious when placing certain small breed dogs or very young pets in homes with young children. Puppies and kittens chew, scratch and nip, and children may be unintentionally rough as well. We encourage adopters with young children to consider adopting a dog or cat this is an appropriate size and temperament compatible with small children.
  8. Return the animal to the Humane Society of Southeast Texas if, for any reason, you care unable to keep them.
  9. If applicants have a dog at home, they may be required to bring their dog to the shelter to meet the new pet before the adoption will be approved. We want to make sure that their dog is happy with their selection and that the transition for both dogs will be relatively smooth.
  10. The applicant should not have had an animal who has died of any contagious disease(s) within the last (6) weeks.
  11. The continued health and well being of the pets wer are placing is of utmost importance. We reserve the right to refuse an adoption based on a history of lack of appropriate medical care including but not limited to heart-worm preventative or required immunizations.
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